David W. Hicks

Teaching for a Better World: Learning for sustainability

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Changing Climate: What do we need to know? [Read it now]



Climate change is here to stay – more extreme and variable weather has become the ‘new normal’ - storms, floods, heat waves and rising sea levels will affect everyone. What do we need to know and do to adapt to this and stay safe?



Energy Matters: What stories do we tell? [Read it now]



We all like listening to stories because life is full of them and we can learn from them. Here are two: the high-carbon and the low-carbon story. What does each story tell us about the future? Which possible future would you choose?






A Sustainable Future: How can we get there? [Read it now]



A practice or system is ‘unsustainable’ if it causes damage to people or the natural environment (our life support system on which we all depend). A practice or system is ‘sustainable’ if it can support the wellbeing of both people and the biosphere relatively indefinitely.





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